Thursday, September 26, 1985


Here is a blog section for clarifying rules.  I'll try and update a list below on topics considered not resolved and on rulings established.

Casting out of Spellbook

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  1. The documentation provided at Lukas' creation has a paragraph with the following information in it's entirety.

    "The time required to rememorize a spell from his book is typically 15 turns per level per spell, and this is time which must be removed from the day’s travel or other action. A mage may cast a spell directly from his spellbook, in which case the time required to normally cast the spell must be doubled, and there is always the chance that the book will be destroyed in the midst of combat. Because of the weight of the book, it must be resting upon something which will allow the mage to read it while still standing. Of course, this is difficult…but then, lazy mages are not to be encouraged…"

    I interpret this as allowing the character to cast more spells than normal by letting them cast directly from a book beyond morning memorization.

    This leads me to believe this is in conflict with your current system of casting spells.

    Possible repricussions
    1. Devaluation of writing my own scrolls.
    2. Enabling of casting spells outside normal daily allotment.
    3. 'Abuse' of spells like Salt and Material
    4. Increased value of expanding and gathering spellbooks.
    5. Increased demand for folding lecterns.

  2. Remember that 15 turns is 15 minutes in my world.

    It does not allow you to cast more spells than normal. The "spellbook" I generated for you, the player, to choose from, describes which spells you will ultimately be capable of learning. This is the list I generated from the start. These spells exist only in game terms, are known to the player but NOT to Lukas the mage. They are thus not written out in Lukas' actual in-game spellbook.

    Lukas's existing spells are the spells he HAS learned, the spells Lukas the mage knows. These are the only spells that are written out in Lukas' in-game spellbook.

    I know this is confusing. "Spellbook" refers to two different things - an out-of-game, known to the player only list of spells, and an in-game, known to the character. So when Lukas is reading aloud from the spellbook to cast spells, he is reading from his in-game book ... thus taking double the time and not having to memorize the spells.

    I hope that's clear.

  3. Yes, my impression was that the process would work like this in the simplest form...

    1. Lukas has a spell in his spellbook (We'll call it Material.)

    2. He can cast it normally, this takes normal casting time of one full round.

    3. Lukas casts it to make some firewood for his companions in the middle of a desert.

    4. Later Lukas no longer has it prepared, but would like a block of stone to sit upon.

    5. Taking out his collapsible Lectern he puts his book down and begins casting directly from his book. This takes double normal casting time since memorization is unnecessary. This equates to 2 full rounds out of combat plus the time to set up the stand.

    Now, assuming rememorization IS necessary, this would take 17 turns to cast Material out of combat.

    The outstanding question that remains, should this be the proper interpretation is...

    Is there a way to gather more spells in a spellbook that he has not mastered to memorization level, but can cast without memorization direct from a book?

    The old preparation per day method would make this possible, but your system does not if my mage exists in a vacuum. This is just stating a fact, not a complaint.

    The whole interest in this topic is if outside emergencies I can use spells without expending my emergency allotment. Or, should I be out, can I still cast the spell if I have the time.

    I don't fell like I NEED this. I just want to know what is available to me.

  4. Are there any special traits to riding animals summoned with Mount? For the duration do they need to eat? Do I need special skills to ride them or can the summoner ride all summoned animals?