Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lukas Meyer

Character: Lukas Meyer
Player: Oddbit
Human Mage
Age: 33       
Born: Dec 31, 1617 in Zurich, The Swiss Confederation
Ht: 6'2"
Level: 4
XP: 19623
Next Lvl: 22,500 (+10%)
AC: 7 (Dex + Ring)
HP:  13/23 - 3 salve left (1d4)
THACO is 19

STR:  13 (1-2 Doors, 4% bend bars)
INT:  18 (7 languages, +10% XP)
WIS:  15 (+1 Saves)
CON:  16(+2 HP, 95% System Shock, 96% Ressurection Survival)
DEX:  16 (+1 to initiative, Defense -2, +1 to hit with thrown)
CHA:  16

Character has a strong, high forehead, and is also possessed of a fresh, pleasant body odor.

Eyes: Forest Green
Hair: Russet Brown, with luxuriant curls and a youthful vitality
Skin: Nordic

Maximum weight allowance reduced by 20%.
Character has made important contacts with the merchant's guild.  Priviledges to move goods into Zurich duty free.
Character is able to overcome being stunned during combat, one time per day.
Character resistant to arachnid poison; reduce damage by 50%.
Character highly resistant to sunburn; will not suffer notably from such except when exposed completely for a full day.
Character possesses an ability to 'pole climb' at the equivalent of a thief's climb walls ability at the same level. (85%)
The character is able to perform a hand stand and round offs.
Character is ambidextrous, and can attack with two weapons without suffering any penalties.
Father: Prospector, +100% chance to hit paydirt, shore tunnels

Mage Abilities
Spells: 7 (5/2)
Cantrips: 23

Dart +1 dart, +1 for dex
2 hexes for point blank, 3-6 hexes for close, 7-10 hexes for medium(-2) and 11-14 hexes for long (-5).

Sage Knowledge
Architecture 29
Current Affairs 9
Engineering 18
Mercantilism 17

Language 6
Law & Policy 5
Logic & Ethics 8
Publishing 6

Artifacts 10
Astronomy & Astrology 4
Occultism 5
Outer Planes 0

Alchemy 4
Geology 8
Medicine 6
Physics 7


Reason +3, Influence
Befuddle +3, Pacify
Fortitude, Quell response
Fortitude, Quell response
Persuade +2, Influence
Jest +2, Influence
Beauty +2, Modifier
Hardened Adventurer +1, Reistance
Pillager +1, Modifier
Land +1, Modifier


  1. Looks good. Drop the saving throws, though; technically, that's not the player's knowledge, though I know a lot of DMs allow it.

    Working towards a good place to get you into the game.

  2. I know I said Friday, but I am ready when you are. We can start right now, or not.

    Let me know yes or no here. I'll check back intermittently.

    1. Sorry for bad interweb tag. If ever necessary, please email my main account, lukas required a large deal of workarounds that mean I don't get auto emailed. However I will be adding the tick saying to email me follow ups here now...

      Yeah, I'm watching now as needed.

    2. To which I mean, I'm ready coach! Put me in!

  3. I can't email your main account because the email I am working off now has one motherhonking big brother watching.

    I am going to introduce you right now, this being 1:07 Pacific Time.

    Have fun!